Meet Jen

946Jen Franklin has called Hampton Roads home since 1989. She came here with the military but stayed because of her love for Virginia Beach and its community. Having worked for many years as a single mom, she understands the rigors of balancing work, raising kids, and supporting the teachers that work with our children every day.

Jen is so honored to have served on the Virginia Beach School Board since 1/2021 and hopes that she can continue to serve the division for another term. Her passion for supporting the division started over 25 years ago. She worked with the schools through the PTSA, and she spent the last four years of her involvement with PTSA on the Kempsville High School board serving as President.  While working several jobs to support her daughter, she still played a very active role in the PTSA, serving as the Cox PTSA Treasurer for many years and working on many of the PTSA committees. For over 20 years, she served as a Naval Reservist (retired), Small Business Owner, Fitness Instructor, Coach/Trainer, and Career Mortgage Banker in the Hampton Roads area. Her passion for doing what she can to make this division thrive is what motivates her to continue to serve.

Jen Franklin as Kempsville High PTSA President with other volunteers.

Jen is tenacious and passionate about everything she does, especially when it comes to student and teacher concerns. Jennifer’s main objective is to ensure that we have students that are workforce and career-ready at graduation while supporting teachers and ensuring they have the tools they need to work with our kids successfully.

Born in Korea and then adopted into a hard-working family in Pennsylvania, Jennifer has a great appreciation for everything that this country offers and the opportunities it holds. She never takes that for granted and will work hard to continue to make positive strides on the School Board. She looks at every issue with a thoughtful perspective and stays focused on the solutions needed to create an environment where all students can thrive and school employees can feel supported.

She lives in the Kempsville area with her husband, Rob. Their three children all attended K-12 in the Virginia Beach City Public Schools division.  Jen and Rob feel that all their children thrived in the environment of VBCPS. She looks forward to the opportunity to continue to give back to her great community.

Jen Franklin is focused on preparing our students to be workforce/career-ready, on  school safety, and on retaining/attracting quality employees and teachers in Virginia Beach. She is proud to have been part of the board that reinstated Valedictorian/Salutatorian while keeping the Latin Based Honors System that had worked well since 2022. VBCPS is a great division and she hopes that she can continue to be a part of its exciting future. You can learn more about Jen’s campaign platform here.

Contact Jen: or 757-633-9657